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ADEMU final conference – a detailed review

Ademu’s final conference took place at the European University Institute in Florence on the 9th   and 10th May 2018. During the conference, the results of the three-year Horizon 2020 project were debated and analysed by Ademu coordinators and esteemed economists, academics and legal experts. Gergő Motyovszki and Jan Teresiński have provided a detailed review of the proceedings.

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ADEMU final conference, with State of the Union 2018 – a short report with papers and presentations

In May 2018, ADEMU held a final conference to discuss the findings of the three-year Horizon 2020 research project into the future of the euro and stabilising the eurozone. With some sessions held in conjunction with State of the Union 2018, the event was staged across three locations in Florence and attended by global economists, politicians, academics and researchers.

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ADEMU at the European Parliament: review and presentation

On 27 March, ADEMU attended the European Parliament in Brussels to present its preliminary research findings at an internal seminar at the Directorate‑General for Economic and Financial Affairs (DG-ECFIN), followed by a public session in the premises of the European Parliament. DG-ECFIN is responsible for EU policies promoting economic growth, higher employment, stable public finances and financial stability, all of which have been the focus of ADEMU research.

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The European Monetary Fund (EC) vs. the European Stability Fund (ADEMU), et al: economic and legal aspects of ADEMU proposals

The aim of this workshop was to have a discussion between economists and legal scholars on the final proposals and assessments of ADEMU. It addressed issues such as the European Stability Fund, the debate about a European unemployment insurance scheme, and a more general assessment of The European Union Presidents’ road map in 2018.