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Call for papers: The New ECB in Comparative Perspective | 19-20 September, EUI | *Deadline 26 May*

April 27, 2017

Western democracies have been affected differently by the global financial crisis. Political and institutional responses have also varied greatly, including those of central banks whose policies have been more or less aggressive and proactive. Continue reading

The new macroeconomics of aggregate fluctuations and stabilisation policy: an ADEMU conference at UCL | 19-20 May, London

April 10, 2017

Novel approaches in the macroeconomic analysis of stabilisation policy will be discussed at an ADEMU conference in London on 19-20 May. Hosted by University College London, the conference is organized in collaboration with the Centre for Macroeconomics, the European Research Council, and the Centre for Economic Policy Research.

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Macroeconomic stabilization, monetary-fiscal interactions, and Europe’s monetary union: an ADEMU seminar with William B. Peterman | EUI, Florence, 28 April 2017

April 9, 2017

On Friday 28 April, the European University Institute will host the ADEMU seminar Macroeconomic stabilization, monetary-fiscal interactions, and Europe’s monetary union, with William B.Peterman (Federal Reserve Board of Governors). Continue reading

Asymmetric trade liberalizations and current account dynamics: an ADEMU seminar with Alessandro Barattieri | EUI, Florence, 20 April 2017

April 7, 2017

On Thursday 20 April, the European University Institute will host the ADEMU seminar Asymmetric Trade Liberalizations and Current Account Dynamics, with Alessandro Barattieri (Collegio Carlo Alberto-ESG UQAM).  Continue reading

Call for papers – Policies for Economic Stability: Lessons and the Way Forward | Galatina (Lecce, Italy) | 28-29 August 2017

An ADEMU workshop aimed at presenting and discussing the ongoing research on stabilization policies in the aftermath of the financial crisis will be held in Galatina next 28-29 August. Papers and extended abstract should be submitted by 30 April 2017.

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ADEMU Summer School at the Toulouse School of Economics | 19-20 June 2017

An ADEMU summer school hosted by the Toulouse School of Economics on 19 and 20 June will bring together PhD and post-doctoral researchers with ADEMU’s leading academics and co-ordinators to discuss new research into the long-term sustainability of the EMU.  Continue reading

Fiscal Policy in Times of Crisis: an ADEMU mini conference and lecture | Barcelona Graduate School of Economics | 30 March 2017

March 10, 2017

Both the financial and the euro crises, and their subsequent recessions, have raised many questions as to how fiscal policy should be conducted in times of crisis: in particular, when public and/or private over-borrowing call for restraint. Continue reading

Fiat Value and the Theory of Value: an ADEMU lecture by Edward C Prescott | Barcelona GSE, 30 March

On Thursday 30 March, Barcelona GSE will host the ADEMU lecture Fiat Value and the Theory of Value, delivered by economist and Nobel Laureate Edward C PrescottContinue reading

Sovereign Debt and Structural Reforms: an ADEMU lecture by Fabrizio Zilibotti | CERGE-EI, Prague, 20 March

On Monday 20 March, CERGE-EI will host the ADEMU lecture ‘Sovereign Debt and Structural Reforms’, delivered by Italian economist Fabrizio ZilibottiContinue reading

Hugo Rodríguez Mendizábal

Narrow banking with modern depository institutions: Is there a reason to panic? An ADEMU seminar with Hugo Rodríguez Mendizábal | EUI, Florence, 17 March

March 9, 2017

What would be the effect of imposing a 100 percent reserve requirement to depository institutions? Hugo Rodríguez Mendizábal (Instituto de Análisis Económico CSIC, MOVE, Barcelona GSE) will discuss this question in this seminar at the EUI, Florence, on 17 March. Continue reading