Upcoming Activities


Fiscal Policy in the EMU – The Way Ahead
19-20 March 2018, Frankfurt
Call for papers

Risk Sharing and Macroeconomic Interdependencies
23-24 March 2018, CERGE-EI, Prague
Call for papers

Post-ADEMU workshop at the Barcelona GSE Summer Forum
21-22 June 2018, Barcelona GSE
Call for papers
Barcelona GSE Summer Forum workshop information
This is a Barcelona GSE Summer Forum event and these links will take you to the Barcelona GSE Summer Forum website. It will take place following the end of the ADEMU project but will discuss related topics.


Pierre Werner Chair (title TBC) with Professor Athanasios Orphanides
26 March 2018, EUI, Florence


Sovereign Debt in the 21st Century
5-6 April 2018, Toulouse School of Economics
Call for papers

ADEMU closing conference
9-10 May 2018, Florence
Details TBC