The new macroeconomics of aggregate fluctuations and stabilisation policy: an ADEMU conference at UCL | 19-20 May, London


An ADEMU conference will be held in London on 19-20 May, to discuss novel approaches in the macroeconomic analysis of stabilisation policy. Hosted by University College London, the conference is organized in collaboration with the Centre for Macroeconomics, the European Research Council, and the Centre for Economic Policy Research.

Until recently, much of macroeconomic analysis of stabilisation policy has built on the representative agent paradigm, but a new emerging literature has taken a novel approach, introducing concerns about household heterogeneity, inequality, redistributive effects and lack of insurance against idiosyncratic income fluctuations into models of macroeconomic stabilisation. This new generation of models has novel implications for the investigation of aggregate fluctuations and of the transmission of stabilisation policy to the real economy and the upcoming ADEMU conference is aimed at discussing and presenting such new development in the field of macroeconomics.

Interested people can see the full programme of the conference and register online – no later than May 10 – at this link.

Check the directions to get to the venue of the conference: