ADEMU Project Overview


Fiscal Risk, Public Sector Balance Sheets and Risk Management: Vitor Gaspar (IMF)


Fiat value in the theory of value: an ADEMU lecture by Edward C Prescott

The Public Debt Crisis of the United States: an ADEMU/Pierre Werner Chair lecture by Enrique G Mendoza

How is the sovereign debt crisis influencing policy implications in Europe?

 Fiscal federalism within the EMU: a round-table discussion

Representation and Redistribution in Federations: Lessons for the EMU. An ADEMU/Pierre Werner Chair lecture

The Euro and the Battle of Ideas


How will the debt crisis impact the evolution of the Eurozone?

Have the EFSF and ESM helped Greece to recover? 

How can sovereign debt sustainability in Europe be improved?

Is the European banking system more systemic than before the crisis?

What is the purpose of a common European reference model for household finances?

Kick-Off Conference:

Strengthening the EMU in the aftermath of the Greek crisis

 How will ADEMU influence economic policy?

ADEMU research areas

What type of Fiscal Union?

Joaquin Almunia on Economic & Monetary Union Political Incentives

Joaquín Almunia: The politics around the Economic and Monetary Union


Was the Greek “no” vote a surprise?