ADEMU – a year of events in review, and a look at what’s to come

In 2018, we enter the final stage of our three-year research project to reassess the overall fiscal and monetary framework of the EU and, in particular, the euro area.

Throughout the project, we have been honoured to host some of the world’s leading economists and finest minds in the fields of law and social policy. In 2017, we staged a series of events that saw world-leading research presented and discussed across Europe, and we have great faith in the abilities of our experts to help influence future policies for the good of the Union.

In 2018, we will deliver a series of major activities and events that will help us to share this research amongst policy makers. Our activities will culminate in a two-day conference at the European University Institute in Florence, to be held partly in conjunction with the State of the Union  conference, where the hundreds of researchers, academics and esteemed guests who have contributed to ADEMU will be given the opportunity to present and discuss the results of their research.

We look forward to sharing our research  with you. In the meantime, we are happy to summarise for you the events we held throughout 2017 and take a look at what we have confirmed for 2018.



When Credit Dries Up: Job Losses in the Great Recession, EUI, Florence


Fiscal Policy in the EMU – The Way Ahead, Frankfurt, 19-20 March

Risk-Sharing, Macroeconomic Interdependencies and Imbalances, Prague, 23-24 March

Sovereign Debt in the 21st Century, Toulouse, 5-6 April

ADEMU Final Conference, Florence, 9-10 May