ADEMU in 2018 – what to expect

As we enter the final months of the project, you will see some changes in the information we share. As we begin to disseminate the results of our three-year project involving eight prestigious academic institutions, we will move our focus slightly from our ADEMU community of researchers and co-ordinators, and begin to share our research and recommendations with policy makers and the public.

These changes will include a new-look website with a focus on sharing our research with a wider audience, an e-book detailing the results of our findings produced in conjunction with VoxEU, and a series of short videos accompanying each chapter of the book.

We will continue to stage our series of ADEMU events, including our final conference on 9 and 10 May in Florence, where we will share a number of events with the State of the Union conference, (details to be announced over the coming weeks). Following the conclusion of the project, we are delighted to be involved in Barcelona GSE’s annual Summer Forum, where we will discuss our research in a post-project workshop.

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We look forward to sharing our news with you over the coming months.