ADEMU Mini-conference | Fiscal Federalism Within the EMU 12 December 2016, Florence, Italy

Including a lecture from Jonathan Rodden of Stanford University |Representation and Redistribution in Federations: Lessons for the European Union 

In the aftermath of the Euro crisis, the as-yet unsolved migration crisis, the Paris and Brussels terrorist attacks and the UK Brexit referendum, the institutional framework of the European Union – and, in particular, the Euro area – is once again open to discussion. 

Issues such as European security and defence and the need to strengthen the fiscal dimension of the EMU can be seen as a push towards greater integration, while the Brexit experience and the strength of some populist and nationalist movements within the EU can be seen as a call for caution.

The ADEMU project is reassessing the fiscal and monetary framework of the EU – in particular, the Euro area – and welcomes input from political scientists and legal scholars looking at this framework from the perspective of fiscal federalism.

During this one-day mini-conference, Alicia Hinarejos, Carlos Pereira and Waltraud Schelkle presented ‘Three Views on Fiscal Federalism’, chaired by Tomasz Wozniakowski. The conference included a lecture from Jonathan Rodden of Stanford University – ‘Representation and Redistribution in Federations: Lessons for the European Union’ – and concluded with a round table and open discussion chaired by Pierre Schlosser, with Youssef Cassis, Stefan Grundmann, Philipp Genschel, Ramon Marimon and Philippe Van Parijs.

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Download the papers and other documents that were discussed:

  • Waltraud Schekle’s paper – “Fiscal federalism for the euro area? Hamilton’s Paradox in the political economy of monetary solidarity”
  • Alicia Hinarejos’ presentation – “Fiscal Federalism in the EU?: Evolution and Future Choices for EMU”
  • Carlos Pereira’s presentation – “Fiscally Sound Social Inclusion: what, if any, may EMU learn from the Brazilian experience of fiscal and political Centralization?”
  • Tomasz Wozniakowski’s paper – “Towards Fiscalization of the European Union? The US and EU Fiscal Unions in a Comparative Historical Perspective”