ADEMU Working Papers related to Work Package 2

Stabilisation policy in currency union was studied by the researchers involved in Work Package 2. Macroeconomic policy coordination, fiscal multipliers, social insurances and labour market policies represented the core of this strand of the ADEMU research.

Below you can find a list of working papers published in the ADEMU Working Paper Series, which have been relevant for the achievement of the objectives of Work Package 2.

Title Author(s) Working Paper Number
Fiscal Consolidation in a Disinflationary Environment: Price- vs. Quantity-Based Measures E.Pappa, R.Sajedi, E.Vella WP 2016/003
Does austerity pay off? B.Born, G. J. Müller, J. Pfeifer WP 2016/004
Exit expectations and debt crises in currency unions? A. Kriwoluzky, G.J. Müller, M.Wolf WP 2016/005
Unemployment (Fears) and Deflationary Spirals W. Den Haan, P. Rendahl, M.Riegler WP 2016/008
Rethinking optimal currency areas V.V. Chari, A.Dovis, P.Kehoe WP 2016/009
The dark corners of the labour market V.Sterk WP 2016/010
The Effect of Firm Cash Holdings on Monetary Policy B.Adão, A.C. Silva WP 2016/011
Fiscal Unions Redux P.Kehoe, E. Pastorino WP 2016/012
The effects of government spending endogeneity on estimated multipliers in the U.S. A.Moura WP2016/0015
Towards Understanding Differences in European Household Finances T.Hintermaier, W.Koeniger WP2016/0017
Capital Taxation and Globalization I.Correia WP2016/0019
The Changing Nature of Gender Selection into Employment: Europe over the Great Recession J.J. Dolado, C. Garcia-Peñalosa, L.Tarasonis WP2016/0020
The Case for Flexible Exchange Rates in a Great Recession G.Corsetti, K.Kuester, G.J. Müller WP2016/0024
Persistent Government Spending and Fiscal Multipliers: the Investment-Channel M.Dupaigne, P.Féve WP2016/0027
In search of the transmission Mechanism of Fiscal Policy in the Euro Area P.Fève, G.Sahuc WP2016/0028
Job uncertainty and deep recessions M.Ravn, V.Sterk WP2016/0030
Is the macroeconomy locally unstable and why should we care? P.Beaudry, D.Galizia, F.Portier WP2016/0034
Time-consistent unemployment insurance S. Kankanamge and T. Weitzenblum WP2016/0046
Reconciling Hayek’s and Keynes’ View of Recessions P. Beaudry, D. Galicia, F. Portier WP2016/0057
Sources of Borrowing and Fiscal Multipliers R. Priftis, S. Zimic Wp2017/0053
A Journey Down the Slippery Slope to the European Crisis: A Theorist’s Guide V. V. Chari, A. Dovis, P. J. Kehoe WP2017/0054
A Unified Framework for Optimal Taxation with Undiversifiable Risk   V. Panousi, C. Reis WP2017/64
Quantifying the Welfare Gains from History
Dependent Income Taxation
M. Kapicka WP2017/71
Is deregulation of product and labour markets promoting employment and productivity? A difference-in-differences approach H. Correia
A. Fontoura Gouveia
Should I Stay or Should I Go? Austerity, Unemployment and Migration G. Bandeira, J. Caballe, E. Vella WP2018/83
Ramsey Taxation in the Global Economy V. V. Chari, J. P. Nicolini, P. Teles WP2018/84
Should Robots Be Taxed? J. Guerreiro, S. Rebelo, and P. Teles WP2018/85
Sovereign Default: The Role of Expectations J. Ayres, G. Navarro, J. P.  Nicolini, P. Teles WP2018/86
Wage Risk and the Skill Premium C. Slavik, H. Yazici WP2018/88
Real Keynesian Models and Sticky Prices P. Beaudry, F. Portier WP2018/91
Putting the Cycle Back into Business Cycle Analysis P. Beaudry, D. Galiziay, F. Portier WP2018/92
On the Design of a European Unemployment Insurance System (EUIS) A. Ábrahám, J. Brogueira de Sousa, R. Marimon and L. Mayr WP2018/106
Optimal Fiscal Transfers in a Monetary Union M. Dmitriev and J. Hoddenbagh WP2018/111
Mapping the interconnectedness between EU Banks and Shadow Banking Entities J. Abad, M. D’Errico, N. Killeen, V. Luz,
T. Peltonen, R. Portes and T.
Indirect contagion: the policy problem L. Clerc,
A. Giovannini, S. Langfield,
T. Peltonen, R. Portes,
M. Scheicher
Interconnectedness – mapping the shadow banking system R. Portes WP2018/117
Differences in Euro-Area Household Finances
and their Relevance for Monetary-Policy
T. Hintermaier, W. Koeniger WP2018/119
Changes in the inflation regime B. Adão,
I. Correia
The effects of inflation target changes in an
open economy with heterogeneous households
I. Correia WP2018/122
The fiscal theory of the price level in a world of low interest rates M. Bassetto, W. Cui WP2018/125
Downward Wage Rigidity and Wage Restraint M. Wolf WP2018/126
Which Ladder to Climb?
Wages of workers by job, plant, and education
C. Bayer, M. Kuhn WP2018/129