ADEMU Working Papers related to Work Package 3

Researchers involved in Work Package 3 analysed on the development of new understanding of cross-border EU interdependence implications, mainly focusing on macroeconomic and financial imbalances and spillovers.

Below you can find a list of working papers published in the ADEMU Working Paper Series, which have been relevant for the achievement of the objectives of Work Package 3.

Title Author(s) Working Paper Number
Breaking the Spell with Credit-Easing G.Gaballo, R.Marimon WP 2016/001
Bank Opacity and Financial Crises J.Jungherr WP 2016/002
Policy Spillovers and Synergies in a Monetary Union Ó.Arce, S.Hurtado, C.Thomas WP 2016/006
The Real Effects of Liquidity Shocks in Sovereign Debt Markets: Evidence from Italy A.Gazzani, A.Vicondoa WP2016/0014
Asymmetric Trade Liberalizations and Current Account Dynamics A. Barattieri WP2016/0018
Regime-Dependent Sovereign Risk Pricing during the Euro Crisis A.L. Delatte, J. Fouquau, R. Portes WP2016/0032
The Government Wage Bill and Private Activity D.Bermperoglu, E.Pappa, E.Vella WP2016/0033
Risk diversification and the large-small bank
dichotomy in money markets
H.Rodriguez Mendizabal WP2016/0040
Measuring Fiscal Policy Spillovers in the Euro Area L. Gambetti, F. Gallio WP2016/0044
Optimal Debt Maturity and Firm Investment J. Jungherr, I. Schott WP2016/0051
Narrow banking with modern depository institutions: Is there a reason to panic? H. Rodríguez Mendizábal WP2017/0052
Leverage Bounds with Default and Asymmetric Information R. Bohacek WP2017/60
Search-Based Endogenous Asset Liquidity and the Macroeconomy W. Cui, S. Radden WP2017/61
Default cycles W. Cui, L. Kaas WP2017/62
Volatility During the Financial Crisis Through the Lens of High Frequency Data: A Realized GARCH Approach D. Banulescu-Radu, P. R. Hansen, Z. Huang, M. Matei WP2017/63
Self-Fulfilling Runs and Endogeneous Liquidity
H. Rodriguez, D.Leiva WP2018/90
On Overborrowing: Trend Shocks and Capital Controls H. D. Seoane, E. Yurdagul WP2018/97
On the asset prices and leverage requirements R. Levinsky, T. Gehrig WP2018/100
The negative correlation between nonperforming loans of large and small banks H. Rodríguez Mendizábal WP2018/103
Optimal Government Policies
in Models with Heterogeneous Agents
R. Bohacek and M. Kejak WP2018/130