ADEMU Working Papers related to Work Package 4

The practical hurdles associated with implementing institutional reforms for better EU fiscal policy management, with particular focus on legal and political constraints, were studied by researchers involved in Work Package 4 (both economists and legal scholars).

Below you can find a list of working papers published in the ADEMU Working Paper Series, which have been relevant for the achievement of the objectives of Work Package 4.


Title Author(s) Working Paper Number
The new Economic component of EMU: A Lawful and Effective Design? C. Kilpatrick WP 2016/007
The Single Supervisory Mechanism: legal fragilities and possible solutions C.A. Petit, G.Monti WP2016/0016
Voter Participation with Collusive Parties D.K.Levine, A.Mattozzi WP2016/0021
Size, fungibility and the Strength of Lobbying Organizations D.K.Levine, S.Modica WP2016/0022
Collusion constrained equilibrium R.Dutta, D.K.Levine, S.Modica WP2016/0023
On the limits of EU economic policy coordination P.Leino, T.Saarenheimo WP2016/0036
An Overview of Legal Aspects of Risk-Sharing P.Leino-Sandberg WP2016/0037
Bank Resolution credibility and economic implications M.Yiatrou WP2016/0038
EMU and national constitutional conditions to long-term change T.Beukers, C.Fasone WP2016/0039
Euro CAC and the existing rules on sovereign debt restructuring in the euro area an appraisal 4 years after the Greek debt swap T. Martinelli WP2016/0043
Structural Reforms in EU Member States: Exploring Sanction-based and Reward-based Mechanisms A. Steinbach WP2016/0045
Competences and alignment in an emerging future R. Smits WP2017/77
The Independence of the ECB: Justification, Limitations and possible Threats A. Thiele WP2017/79
Calibrating central banks’ mandate: Central banking objectives, tasks, and measures within unitary and federal constitutional settings C. A. Petit WP2017/80
Towards a Meaningful Prudential Supervision Dialogue in the Euro Area? A Study of the Interaction between the European Parliament and the European Central Bank in the Single Supervisory Mechanism F. Amtenbrink and M. Markakis WP2017/81
A European Finance Minister: Form follows function, but is it legal? M. Patrin WP2018/96
All’s well that ends well? Crisis policy after the German Constitutional Court’s ruling in Gauweiler A. Steinbach WP2018/102
The Commission’s 2017 Reflection Paper on the Deepening of the Economic and Monetary Union: a few critical observations L. Radic WP2018/104
Controlling the Powers of the ECB: delegation, discretion, reasoning and care – what Gauweiler and Weiss and others can teach us H. C.H. Hofmann WP2018/107
The ‘Haircut’ of Public Creditors under EU Law A. Steinbach WP2018/108
Insurance-type Cooperation Mechanisms under EU law A. Steinbach WP2018/109
Is a separate Eurozone budget a good idea? R. Crowe WP2018/120
Controlling the Powers of the ECB:
delegation, discretion, reasoning and care
H. C.H. Hofmann WP2018/131
Fiscal rules and structural reforms R. Sajedi, A. Steinbach WP2018/133
A Parliamentary assembly for the Eurozone? D. Fromage WP2018/134