Job market workshop ADEMU

ADEMU Workshop: Job Creation, Job Destruction and Productivity Growth

On 14th-15th October 2016, ADEMU held a workshop at the European University Institute. The goal of the workshop was to discuss ongoing research on potential changes in job creation, job destruction and productivity growth rates during the Great Recession and its aftermath. Particpants analysed how product and labour market institutions affect the development of trends and business cycle fluctuations of those variables and, in doing so, analysed how they may have impinged on workers’ transitions flows between employment, unemployment and non-participation.

Reported evidence was drawn from DGSE models, specific event studies, and cross-country comparisons (in particular, within the EU and in relation to non EU countries).

This topic is particularly relevant for the study of how shocks and common fiscal and monetary policies can differently affect European labour markets, as well as the need and design of cross-country risk-sharing mechanisms, such as European unemployment schemes.

The full program of this event can be viewed here.