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VIdeo Footage from the Kick-Off Conference

ADEMU Project Summary

An overview of how the ADEMU project plans to reassess the EU monetary and fiscal framework, as presented at the kick-off conference


Joaquin Almunia on Economic & Monetary Union Political Incentives 

Joaquín Almunia, former Vice President and European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, discusses what the political incentives are for putting in place an economic and monetary union in Europe.


How will ADEMU Influence Economic Policy?

Thomas Cooley, NYU and ADEMU Advisory Committee Chair, addresses how the ADEMU project has the intent to alter the direction of economic policy and how policy makers are already engaged in the project.

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ADEMU Researchers Review the Kick-Off Conference

After the ADEMU kick-off conference at the University of Cambridge, the researchers involved in the project were asked the following questions in order to provide a further insight into why they are involved in the project and why they think it is an important project. Here are some of their responses.

In your opinion, why is the ADEMU project important?

“The 2008 crisis is without doubt  the deepest and most protracted economic contractions  Europe has suffered  since the Great depression of 1929. Understanding the roots of this crisis and designing policies capable of preventing and/or managing this type of disturbances should be at the top of the research agenda. I think ADEMU will play a key role in this endeavour.” – Martín Uribe, Columbia University, ADEMU Associate Researcher

“It is important to establish a dialogue between policy makers, the general public, and academic economists. Unfortunately, this is not easy. A project like ADEMU can help.”Joachim Jungherr, Barcelona GSE, ADEMU Researcher WP3

“The ADEMU project brings together European economic policy debates and work at the research frontier to advance these debates.” – Thomas Hintermaier, University of Bonn, ADEMU Executive & Steering Committee

“The new architecture of the EU monetary and fiscal institutions and regulatory bodies represent a new regime of macroeconomic policies that are not yet sufficiently based on macroeconomic theory and evidence.  ADEMU project will analyze and critically review these issues and offer constructive feedback and policy recommendations.” – Radim Bohacek, CERGE, ADEMU Executive & Steering Committee, WP3

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ADEMU Conference Proceedings

Anil Ari, University of Cambridge
Simon Lloyd, University of Cambridge


On 8 and 9 October 2015 the University of Cambridge hosted the kick-off conference for the ADEMU (A Dynamic Economic and Monetary Union) Project, part of the Horizon 2020 work program topic ‘Resilient and Sustainable Economic and Monetary Union in Europe’.[1] The objective of the ADEMU research project is to reassess the overall fiscal and monetary framework of the EU and, in particular, the Euro Area. Continue reading

Ademu conference group photo

The ADEMU project kicks-off with conference at the University of Cambridge

Scientific Coordinator of the ADEMU project, Ramon Marimon, led the kick-off conference, joined by researchers from leading research institutes, as well as leading economists, lawyers and members of the European Commission.

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Presentations from the Kick-Off Conference

Reassessing the EU Monetary and Fiscal Framework

Introductory presentation reviewing the challenges for the Euro Area, the challenges for the ADEMU Horizon 2020 Reasearch Project

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Kick Off Conference Agenda

October 8-9, 2015


Reassessing the EU Monetary and Fiscal Framework

ADEMU Kick-Off Conference, October 8-9, 2015 – The Agenda

Hosted by the University of Cambridge at Corpus Christi College (

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