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ADEMU: The final report of the advisory committee

By Thomas Cooley (chair), Charles Bean, Jean Pierre Danthine, Lars Feld, Jose Manuel Campa, Fernandez, Lucrezia Reichlin, René Smits and Thomas Sargent.

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The ADEMU eBook from The EMU after the euro crisis.

A 12-chapter eBook that presents the main findings and proposals of the three-year H2020-funded ADEMU project has been published in conjunction with VoxEU, from the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR). Continue reading

ADEMU’s end-of-project magazine – view online or request your copy

We may be reaching the conclusion of our three-year Horizon 2020-funded project, but our campaign to share our results and proposals is just beginning.

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The ADEMU project: a narrative

In response to requests from stakeholders, ADEMU’s scientific coordinator Ramon Marimon has put together a comprehensive narrative on the origins of the project, ongoing research and intended outcomes. You can see the full narrative – a guide to most of the ADEMU researcher’s working papers – here. What follows is a very brief summary. Continue reading