Fiscal Policy in the EMU: The Way Ahead | conference review

Representatives from national banks across Europe, along with participants from the European Fiscal Board, the German Economic Council, the European Central Bank and researchers and academics from global institutions took part in this two-day Ademu conference examining fiscal policy in the EMU.

Held in Frankfurt in March 2018, the full programme (which you can see here) included discussions on Ademu topics including European unemployment insurance, sovereign risk and default, and central stablisation. The keynote speech was delivered by Ademu co-ordinator Giancarlo Corsetti.

Available slides and papers are displayed below.

Optimal Domestic (and External) Sovereign Default – working paper

Fiscal multipliers and foreign holdings of public debt – working paper

A minimal moral hazard central stabilization capacity for the EMU based on world trade

Sovereign risk and fiscal information: a look at the US state of default in the 1840s

Discussion paper: The welfare and distributional effects of fiscal volatility – a quantitative evaluation

Fiscal rules and independent fiscal councils

Discussion of fiscal policies in the euro area: revisiting the size of spillovers by Mario Alloza, Pablo Burriel and Javier Perez