Conference: Fiscal Risk and Public Sector Balance Sheets | 6-7 July 2017, University of Bonn

The European fiscal crisis has spurred new research into the measurement and modelling of fiscal risk. This ADEMU conference, held at the University of Bonn on 6 and 7 July, brought together current theoretical and empirical research into these areas, with a special interest in the analysis of public sector balance sheets.

Papers were presented by Oscar Arce (Bank of Spain), Nicolo Battistini (ECB), Huixin Bi (Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City), Aitor Erce (ESM, Luxembourg), Kerstin Gerling (IMF), Madina Karamysheva (Higher School of Economics, Moscow), George Kopits (Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington DC), Carlos Mulas-Granados (IMF), Gernot Müller (University of Tübingen), and Dominik Thaler (EUI and Bank of Spain). A keynote address was delivered by Vitor Gaspar, IMF.

You can see the full programme on the conference website.