Joint RFA research seminar, Singapore

On 7 September, ADEMU coordinator Giancarlo Corsetti will present some of the findings of his project research at the Joint RFA research seminar in Singapore.

His session, chaired by regular Ademu event participant Rolf Strauch, chief economist at the European Stability Mechanism, will discuss the lessons learned from the past for future economic crisis prevention, which is the topic of a chapter in Ademu’s forthcoming eBook produced in conjunction with VoxEU.

A number of regions, including East Asia, Latin America and Europe, have gone through crises of different types in the past. This session will contribute to the understanding of the different types of crises (e.g. currency crisis, bank runs, sovereign debt crises, etc.), and how to deal with them. Different RFAs are in fact set up to deal with different crisis types; this also explains the variety of instruments available at different RFAs. The session will also address ways to deal with spillovers across countries and regions and from global financial markets.

You can see the full programme here.