Presentations from the Kick-Off Conference

Reassessing the EU Monetary and Fiscal Framework

Introductory presentation reviewing the challenges for the Euro Area, the challenges for the ADEMU Horizon 2020 Reasearch Project

WP1 – Long-term sustainability of a monetary and fiscal union

WP1 Outline:

The Optimal Design of a Financial Stability Fund 

Long-Term Sustainability of a Monetary and Fiscal Union

WP2 – Stabilization policy in currency unions

Stabilisation Policy in Currency Unions Outline


A Model of the Twin D´s:

Is the Macroeconomy Locally Unstable and Why Should We Care?

WP3 – Macroeconomic and financial imbalances and spillovers

Bank Opacity and Financial Crisis


Macroeconomics and Financial Imbalances

WP4 – Policy implementation

The Political Economy of Fiscal & Monetary Institutions

Economic Policy Proposals and Law Judicial Review as an example


The outline of the keynote address at the ADEMU kick-off conference
from Joaquin Almunia, Former Vice President of the European Commission.  

Introductory Words for RoundTable on ‘Strengthening the EMU in the aftermath of the Greek crisis’ 

Introductory Words for RoundTable on ‘What type of Fiscal Union?’

Communication Plan

Outline for the dissemination of the ADEMU project as presentation at the kick-off conference