Macroeconomic and Financial Imbalances and Spillovers: an ADEMU workshop

An ADEMU workshop at the Barcelona GSE Summer Forum 2017
Workshop: 8-9 June
How do fiscal and financial shocks propagate from one country to another? What are the implications of this for the conduct of fiscal policy in EU countries?

***Deadline extended for ADEMU participants – email by Friday 2 June to register.***

On 8 and 9 June, ADEMU is hosting a workshop to examine these issues, as part of the Barcelona GSE Summer Forum 2017. The workshop will assess the role of macroeconomic and financial imbalances in the recent crisis, analyze the existing institutional mechanisms for controlling such imbalances (in particular the SGP, MIP and EIP), and consider strategies for their effective improvement, including reform of the European banking sector.

This ADEMU workshop is organised by Joachim Jungerr (IAE-CSIC and Barcelona GSE) and Hugo Rodríguez (IAE-CSIC and Barcelona GSE) as part of the Barcelona GSE Summer Forum 2017. You can see the full programme here.

The Summer Forum is a series of independent workshops covering the main fields of economics, held in Barcelona from 31 May to 17 June. For further information about the Summer Forum 2017, including previous editions, see

This workshop is funded by the European Research Council Grant Agreement 649396 (ADEMU). The Barcelona GSE Summer Forum is one of the activities supported by the Severo Ochoa Program of Centers of Excellence (SEV-2015-0563).