ADEMU Perspectives

ADEMU Perspectives is a series of in-depth articles authored by our researchers offering insight into topics related to the project’s research agenda.

April 2018 #14: The EMU after the euro crisis: Insights from a new eBook – Findings and proposals from the Horizon 2020 ADEMU project, by Ramon Marimon and Thomas F. Cooley

March 2018 #13: Timid steps to deepening economic and monetary union, by Giorgio Monti

February 2018 #12: On the interaction between fiscal consolidation and migration in Europe, by Jordi Caballé, Guilherme Bandeira and Eugenia Vella

January 2018, #11: Fiscal multipliers, by Patrick Fève and Martial Dupaigne

December 2017, #10: Strengthening the European Union with limited political capital, by Jean-Pierre Danthine

November 2017, #9: On the sovereign debt crisis in Europe, by Pedro Teles

October 2017, #8: Announced and prophesied: proposals to strengthen Europe’s institutional set-up, by René Smits

September 2017, #7: How Credible is Banking Union in the Eurozone? Evidence from recent resolutions in Spain and Italy, by Thomas F. Cooley

June 2017, #6: Addressing self-fulfilling sovereign risk: the role of monetary policy, by Giancarlo Corsetti

May 2017, #5: EU – the 3 1/2 solution, by Ramon Marimon

April 2017, #4: Macro-Prudential Regulation of the Leverage Ratio, by Radim Bohacek

March 2017, #3: Why household debt makes economies prone to crises of confidence, by Thomas Hintermaier and Winfried Koeniger

February 2017, #2: When HANK met SAM – new models for macroeconomic policy, by Morten Ravn and Vincent Sterk

January 2017, #1: A broad view on narrow banking, by Hugo Rodríguez Mendizábal