The ADEMU eBook from The EMU after the euro crisis.

A 12-chapter eBook that presents the main findings and proposals of the three-year H2020-funded ADEMU project has been published in conjunction with VoxEU, from the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR).

‘The EMU after the Euro Crisis: Lessons and Possibilities – Findings and proposals from the Horizon 2020 ADEMU project’  includes an introduction from ADEMU Scientific Coordinator Ramon Marimon and Chair of the Advisory Committee Thomas Cooley, and is aimed at economists and policy makers across the European Union.

The eBook is clearly structured to present the main findings from three-year Horizon 2020-funded project, including the background to the project, the research that has taken place and the lessons we can extract from previous policy responses.

The two main proposals outlined by ADEMU – a European Stability Fund and a European Unemployment Insurance System – are presented with detailed research, arguments and references. Further chapters are contributed by members of the ADEMU Advisory and Steering Committees and ADEMU researchers.

The contents and authors are:

Foreword: Introduction by Ramon Marimon and Thomas Cooley

  1. Lessons from the euro crisis an dealing with its debt overhang (Giancarlo Corsetti)
  2. A European Stability Fund for the EMU (Ramon Marimon)
  3. Agreeing to an unemployment insurance system for the euro area? (Arpad Abraham, Joao Brogueira de Sousa, Ramon Marimon and Lukas Mayr)
  4. Macroeconomic stabilisation in heterogeneous societies (Morten O. Ravn)
  5. Recessions following expansions: The instability of market economies (Paul Beaudry, Dana Galizia and Franck Portier)
  6. Stimulus packages? Better be persistent! (Martial Dupaigne and Patrick Feve)
  7. Reassessing tax policies and tax coordination: The case for a tax on automation (Pedro Teles)
  8. Banking Union and the ECB (Hugo Rodriguez)
  9. Financial stability: The role of macroprudential policies (Radim Bohaček)
  10. The European Stability Mechanism: The path to reform (Giorgio Monti)
  11. The political economy of policy implementation (David K. Levine and Andrea Mattozzi)
  12. A new fiscal and monetary framework for the EMU? The EU presidentsí roadmap in 2018 (Ramon Marimon)

ADEMU thanks Horizon 2020, VoxEU, all authors, contributors and researchers for their valuable contributions to the book. Its contents are the views of the authors and do not neccessarily reflect the views of the European Commission.

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