Workshop: Winners, losers and policy reforms after the euro crisis, 17 November, EUI

On the 17 November 2017, ADEMU will hold a workshop at the Euorpean University Institute, along with the Department of Economics and the Pierre Werner Chair Programme on the winners, losers and policy reforms after the euro crisis. Register here.

The euro crisis, and the policies so far adopted to overcome it, have affected countries differently across the euro area (EA), in particular households and firms. Explicit and implicit promises have been broken for many jobs and pensions which can often create frustration, resentment, and indeed euro-skepticism. The full recovery from the crisis and future growth of the EA and European Union (EU) will require not only macroeconomic stability, but also welfare improvements for everyone, in order to heal the existing divide between winners and losers.

The aim of this workshop is to present and discuss current research using dynamic macroeconomic models with heterogeneous agents. This can help to understand the differential impact of financial and economic crises on households and firms. It can also help to understand how existing policies (monetary, fiscal, labour, etc.) have been implemented to confront and overcome them.

See the full program.

For more information about this event, please contact Margherita Fabbri: